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Participating ATV Racing Safely

Playing the so called ATV motocross now becomes the hobbies of most men all over the world. Thus, hearing an ATV race would normally excite everyone today. When it comes to participating in an ATV race, one of the things that you have to bear in mind is to ensure the safety. There are different [...]

The Advantages and Downfalls of Participating in ATV Racing

It is no doubt that ATV racing is fun and exhilarating. In fact, studies even show that this activity poses a lot of benefits to one’s body. Despite of that, such activity still poses a number of risks to riders. In fact, there had been a number of hospitalizations and even recorded deaths due to [...]

How to Make your Kids Understand the Dangers of ATV

ATV riding and dirt biking are dangerous sports and even pros can attest to it. But because of its popularity and the attraction that it sends out to those little eyes, children can’t help but marvel on the beauty that these vehicles can possibly offer to them. In this line, kids as early as 7 [...]

Safety Tips for Parents with Dirt Bike and ATV for their Children

Since 1960’s ATV became the most adored recreational vehicle for the whole family. It is a kind of sport that every family love since it does not only promote family bonding, but also it encourages development for kids who are using it. Indeed, this amazing vehicle became more accessible to every family because it is [...]

Top 5 Best Trails in Oregon

Majority of ATV enthusiasts consider Oregon to be the capital of North America’s ATV, with kilometers of single and double track trail across sand dunes, rolling hills, mountains pine forests and dry riverbeds. If you are a true ATV lover, then you should be able to have your Oregon ATV license in order for you [...]

ATV Riding: Safety 101

The ATV industry is currently growing due to the growing number of people using it for recreational purposes as well as those who use it to work on ranches and farms. Before anybody attempts to use an ATV, they should be trained and informed in order to ensure safety while riding. ATV is a very [...]

Choosing an ATV Helmet

Choosing the right helmet could mean the difference between life and death for any ATV enthusiast. That is why the helmet is considered one of the most important parts of any ATV riding gear. You should be able to determine a good helmet from a bad one if you want to stay safe while riding [...]

About ATV Riding

ATV riding has become a popular sport nowadays. A lot of different people decide to ride ATVs for a lot of different reasons, from competitive racing to fun and thrills. Some reasons would even include work, hunting and fishing. Some would even use ATV’s for hauling materials and equipment to sites that a normal vehicle [...]

Dirt Bike Riding: How To Get Started

Dirt bike riding can be a very fun and exciting activity. It isn’t that difficult to learn how to do so, but you should consider a few pointers in order for you to learn how to ride effectively. Below are some of these pointers you should definitely consider. Don’t Ride Alone Dirt bike riding is [...]

Dirt Biking Safety Tips

Off-highway motorcycles, or dirt bikes as it is commonly known, are popular usually to males who love doing hard racing and riding that are more extreme than BMX bike riding or skateboarding. Dirt Biking, however fun and exciting a sport, can also be very dangerous. There have been numerous accidents due to this kind of [...]

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