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How To Jump With Your Dirt Bike

For all dirt bike lovers, no dirt bike riding is complete without having to do a few jumps here and there. Of course although making jumps with your dirt bike isn’t rocket science, it isn’t that easy either. It will take a serious amount of practice and determination for you to be able to learn how to jump on a dirt bike effectively. Remember that it could also be dangerous so make sure to arm yourself with the right gear before practicing!

  1. 1.    Accelerate before making the jump. A good jump would require speed so gather up some before heading on to the air.
  2. 2.    Accelerate and squeeze out all the gas your dirt bike can take before making the jump and make sure to compress its suspension. During the acceleration, make sure to keep the throttle steady so that you dirt bike won’t fling you forward or lose speed before the jump. This is commonly known as pre loading or front loading. It will also be of great help if you squeeze your handlebars heftily as you head on to the air, pinning it and giving it all the gas it could take. It is important that you speed up as much as possible before making the jump.
  3. 3.    While suspended on air, determine your target landing area and focus there.
  4. 4.    Be sure to situate your feet on each side at the same level for you to be able to create a good landing position.
  5. 5.    Do your best to land with your weight in your center, whether it is on the back wheel or the front. This is because landing flat on the ground will send all the shock and tension to your body. Landing with both wheels will give you more chances of crashing and will make you appear like an amateur. That is why it’s always best that you land on the front wheel especially if there’s a landing ramp available.

Learning how to jump with your dirt bike can be very tricky but it is very doable. It will take a lot of practice but of course the results will be more than worth it. Jumping with your dirt bike is a very exciting trick and if you are an enthusiast you are sure to be hooked! However, you have to make sure that you take in to account all necessary precautions in order for you to avoid serious injury throughout the process.

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